“It’s simple really. With Streamline I can track and control anything. One system that can manage everything in my business.” John Loesch, Bocal Africa

Built to your Spec

Using Streamline as the base solution, custom processes can provide you with a unique programme which is designed specifically for your needs.   You can achieve unsurpassed results using the features of Streamline, enhanced through customised development.

For example, it is possible to use Streamline to manage sales, track orders, provide customised reports, manage your client communication and even track online surveys. 

Streamline truely becomes the core of your business when fully integrated and we therefore spend as much time consulting with clients and configuring Streamline as required in order to become reflective of your business and finding ways to use the system to make you more efficient and effective.  If you need a web-based interface, database design, custom reports or system integration, our developers can assist you in customising Streamline to suit your specific needs.

Some examples of such projects are:

  • Pure Innovation - an online version of Pure Innovation's analysis tool which initiates a process in Streamline when completed, provides customised reports and generates automated client-branded emails to the participant at each stage of the process.  Participants can log into Streamline to view the status of the analysis as well as the end-user who tracks progress on all the applications. 
  • Abacus - a process to manage home-loan applilcations from start to finish.
  • Various sales management, tracking and reporting tools, designed to optimise the sales funnel principle and monitor activity-levels when necessary.  From leads tracking to order management, Streamline is capable of providing you with the management tools and reports to help you achieve success - clients include: Statucor, Bocal, Basis One





Screenshots showing the Streamline Process interface, front-end online capture screen and sample report