“A huge benefit of Streamline is the fact that my staff are more productive which means they can spend more time on activities that add value to our clients.” - Janine Lloyd, CEO Livewired Communications

Rollout procedure
  • Software and system set-up
    • Streamline operating system set-up

    • Physical installation (CD and Server set-up)

    • Creation of Functional and Geographic User Groups.  Allocation of unique email, fax and SMS addresses per group

    • Data integration - importation of your existing address book/s into Streamline (from spreadsheet or CSV format)

    • Creation of address book types

  • Fax gateway

    • Physical installation and server set-up - allows for tracking and archiving of ingoing and outgoing faxes

  • SMS gateway

    • Physical installation and server set-up - allows for tracking ingoing and outgoing SMSs

  • Training

    • Initial on-site group training (6 users @ 2 hour session followed by 30 minutes one-on-one training per user)

    • Advanced group training as required

    • Management and Streamline Administrative training session (2 hours)

    • Ad-hoc training and telephonic support

    • Ongoing training of new users

  • Customisation (see below)

    • Process configuration - training and/or assistance

Customization, Integration and Process Configuration

Although it is possible to customize the base code of Streamline for specific customer needs, we recommend against it as it might compromise the future compatibility with upgrades. As an alternative we recommend that the Process Engine is configured to achieve customer specific integration and process requirements. Assistance in this regard is offered at R550 per hour, but any process development will only be quoted for after consultation with the client. Should you have any recommendations for the improvement of Streamline please feel free to contact us as we might be able to accommodate such requests into our ongoing development and improvement of Streamline.

System Backups

ISD requires that daily backups be made of the Streamline files and database. These are to be managed by the client. It is also recommended that backups be kept for at least a 10 day period and that some of these backups are kept offsite. ISD will be more than willing to assist in the setup and configuration of a daily backup schedule and solution at the clients request. In the event of a database related problem ISD will assist in the restoration of the database from the latest available backup.  

ISD Streamline V6 & Onwards

The monthly rental fees for the Streamline workflow system include all version upgrades as part of the rental cost. Any third party, implementation, system conversion and training costs will however be for the clients account. This however does not apply to bug fixes and system modifications but only to new release versions.

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