"Marketing, Management, PR, HR, Time planning, Task administration - 6 essential business functions Streamlined in one effective system." Nadia Cronje, CEO, Interact Accounting Services

Testimonials - What our amazed clients have to say!

“From having a limited work flow process system before, Streamline now takes care of our client database, portfolio allocation and client records – all at a reasonable price”, says Matthew Wray of Statucor, part of auditing firm BDO.  

“It’s simple really.  With Streamline I can track and control anything.  One system that can manage everything in my business.”  John Loesch, Bocal Africa

“Being able to manage tasks and view what is happening and has happened with any client or staff member at any time is especially important to us.  Consultants on the road or working from home are easily monitored and tasks are completed timeously.”  Heila Nel, QSI Brokers

“Using Streamline, nothing falls through the cracks, no-one drops the ball”.  Barry Pretorius, BMC Engineering

"We identified Streamline as the most user friendly and adaptable tool to increase our online accessibility and improve the tracking and monitoring process of our solution. The focus was on developing an online application and a dynamic reporting process to give our client's real time access to progress, this included automatic emailing and online analysis." Kim Kemp, Pure Innovation

"I don't have to be a mean manager - Streamline is my enforcer." Nadia Cronje, CEO, Interact Accounting Services
"Marketing, Management, PR, HR, Time planning, Task administration - 6 essential business functions Streamlined in one effective system."   Nadia Cronje, CEO, Interact Accounting Services

“A huge benefit of Streamline is the fact that my staff are more productive which means they can spend more time on activities that add value to our clients.” Janine Lloyd, CEO Livewired Communications

“In our business, being organised is central to everything we do. Streamline helps all of us keep organised, stay focused and get the job done.”

“With Streamline I am able to assess who is doing what, by when and how they are doing it. I am able to monitor staff performance and assess bottlenecks, which is critical to our philosophy of being a proactive business. This gives me peace of mind in knowing that our clients are being serviced without having to resort to constant micro management.”

My staff are able to manage themselves more effectively through efficient task scheduling, workflow, calendar sharing, project management, delegation and feedback.”

“I too am also more productive because I can login to Streamline through my mobile and attend to critical tasks while I am on the move.”

"Everything we need to run our business - information, resources, documents, emails are in one central location.  Everything we are doing and all communication with our clients is kept in one place, which allows us to manage our campaigns effectively, ultimately servicing our clients better."


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