“With Streamline I am able to assess who is doing what, by when and how they are doing it. I am able to monitor staff performance and assess bottlenecks, which is critical to our philosophy of being a proactive business. This gives me peace of mind in knowing that our clients are being serviced without having to resort to constant micro management.”

Where are we?



All activities in Streamline get logged and compiling a query or generating standardised reports is a simple exercise. You can view what has actually been done, when, by whom and how long it took. With our system you ensure quality is controlled in your business through the feedback loop which is built into Streamline.

These features within Streamline provide your business with constant feedback, making it possible to ensure delivery and continuously improve your business.  With pre-defined reports, management will be able to better measure performance consistently.

You manage what you measure!  

With process design and customised reports available to you, Streamline can become your Sales Measurement system, your Client Complaints register, track your Surveys, report on the Financials or even tell you how much leave has been taken this month.  The information is captured in Streamline - all you need to do is decide what information you want to track or report on and let us help you design the reports you want.

For example, the graph you see details user performance statistics.  Notice how performance fell as volume grew.


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