“A huge benefit of Streamline is the fact that my staff are more productive which means they can spend more time on activities that add value to our clients.” - Janine Lloyd, CEO Livewired Communications

How should it be done?

Red Tape

Hardwire your processes into Streamline

While Streamline is great at getting people to collaborate and agree on 'When', 'Who' and 'What 'needs doing, its always the 'How?' that is the tough one. Fortunately, that's where you, dear user, come in.

You are already the expert at what your company does. Streamline does not presume to know the how of the task. As an example: Streamline is used by many accounting firms. It makes sure that each audit is initiated, tracked, completed and invoiced timeously, all the while making sure that the client is kept in the loop, and all the people involved know precisely what is going on. And yet, Streamline does not know anything about accounting, debits, credits or any of the specifics of the industry.

The how of the task is your domain. You guys are the experts at what your clients' needs are. Streamline just helps coordinate things.

That being said, I must immediately contradict myself: Streamline can be taught (programmed) to understand and facilitate your business processes. It can also be configured to record the information that is unique to your needs.

These processes that can be configured and built into Streamline are easy and quick to implement. We believe that a good process is one that can be built quickly to solve 80% of the need in 20% of the time (Pareto principle) We also believe that a process should be continually evolving and improving to meet the ever-changing dictates of the marketplace. Furthermore we feel that the client should be involved in the development of the processes - after all, it is YOUR expertise that is being hard-wired into the system. Your expertise belongs to your company, and is your unique value proposition. Streamline will help to achieve the results of your expertise consistently.


Adherence to the "recipe"

Processes are essentially tasks that follow a pre-determined recipe. Streamline allows you to define standard processes which are then enforced by the tasking engine within the task-centric environment.

The progress of processes can be monitored with real-time Gantt charts that graphically highlight the elements of the process, their progress and the bottleneck.

By structuring processes within Streamline, your business is able to achieve consistency and ensure that complex recipes are adhered to. It is also very easy to hard-wire cause-and-effect into processes; for example 'If this is an asset that we are buying, then subtask the short term insurance person"



A critical phase of a Streamline implementation is the identification of two to three key achievables. These key achievables are then mapped out in consultation with the client and our process engineers quickly get onto the development of the process. This takes another few hours after which the client tests, we tweak and the process is launched. Typically we recommend that a process should be specced, developed and tested within one day. This is very achievable with the built-in process engine.  For more complex reports, customised and branded for you, more time may be needed.  Emails, reports and forms can be built using your branding and tracked via Streamline.


Working closely with the client

Typical problems that clients need resolved with processes:

  •  "We don't know where the sales go wrong" : A sales process or cycle is what you need. A simple sales process will help sales people record the right information about their leads and will prompt the sales person along the way - from enquiry to first phone call, to appointment, to delivery of quote, to follow-up to closing. This is typically called the sales funnel. With the graphing and reporting engine one can then easily map it visually.
  • "We struggle to keep track of the outstanding support issue and clients keep on blaming us for not getting back to them" : A support process will do the trick. From the moment the client communicates his need into the organisation up to the point the client signs off that he is happy, Streamline will keep the issue alive. Failure is not an option!  It is even possible to provide your clients with their own log-in so they can see the progress themselves.
  • "We need to coordinate a complex installation/delivery project." If it can be described, we can wrap it into a process. Streamline will ensure that each role player is notified at the right time in the life cycle of the project, held to it, and the next phase triggered as soon as the specific achievable is put to bed.



The Process Designer allows one to graphically map processes and implement them right away!



Real-time Gantt Charts can be instantly generated for any project - identifying the bottle neck.

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