Who needs it done? Contacts Database and Customer Relationship Management
  • Centralised database/address book

  • Tasks associated with address book entries

  • Document repository associated with address book entries.


Streamline has a central database, which is called the Address Book, which stores all contacts and companies (customers, potential customers, suppliers and partners) your business deals with - or want to deal with!  This also means that, instead of having clients in the accounting system, prospects in the sales tracking system and suppliers in the stock control system, Streamline unifies them all into one central database.

Tasks are filed against these records, which means it becomes possible for any user to find out what is the status of these actionables..  In this way all the members of the team is empowered with the facts - and can jump in an help out. The fact that the record resides in the same database from the proverbial 'cradle to the grave' results in less database synchronization and management problems.

Should you have other systems that look after specific issues in your company our friendly integration team will iron out the kinks.

This database also becomes the repository for all documents relating to the entry.


 An extract of an Address Book showing hierarchical functionality

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