When must it be done? - Time Management with Tasks

NightmareTime management is most people's nightmare.  Task management through Streamline is the solution.  No more waking up in the middle of the night wondering about deadlines and things that need to be done  (see Why Streamline).  By using task management, the 'WHAT needs to be done?' and 'WHO has to do it?' are clear, making time management as simple as figuring out how long its going to take and slotting it into the responsible persons' diary.  Often, we schedule ourselves to so many meetings, we don't leave any time to actually DO what needs to be done.  And then of course, we rely on our memory or post-it notes to keep everything on track.  Streamline makes that information available to everyone who needs it, anytime, anywhere (as long as you can access the internet, you can access Streamline).  So, what features in Streamline help you manage your time more efficiently?

Bullet  Setting Target Dates and Allocating Time

Bullet  Using Time as Prioritisation Mechanism

Bullet  Interactive Diaries and Calendars

Bullet  Time Tracking


Setting Target Dates and Allocating Time

Streamline is built around tasks, and tasking is all about asking 'WHAT? WHO? and especially WHEN? Proper tasking is impossible without clear, agreed-upon target dates. When you fire off a task, you need to specify when you want it done. The target date can then only be changed with your consent. The recipient, of course, is free to specify the time slot when the task will get done (generally).


Using Time as Prioritisation Mechanism

We are often asked why Streamline does not offer a prioritisation/highlighting/colour-coding feature. Our feeling is that EVERYTHING is important for someone and that the priority is set (or negotiated) when agreeing on the target date. I n this way we can always answer the question: 'WHAT's NEXT'?  The task does go from white, to pink to red depending on the due date.  With a variety of views, you can also manage multiple tasks on the basis of recent activity (Movement list), by due date, date requested and date updated. 

See HOW should it be done for more detail on processes and tasks that need to relate to each other.


Interactive Diaries and Calendars

Streamline has a central web-based diary and calendar for collaborative sharing of diaries and negotiation of task target dates. The calendar also doubles up as a virtual planning board and allows users to share information on events (conferences, trips, leave, birthdays etc.) that are of interest to other people or groups within your business and, more importantly, may impact on the delivery date of expectations. Collaborative sharing of diaries is a powerful way of creating transparency and accountability in your business.

With Streamline you can better plan resource allocation and easily schedule meetings with/for yourself and others.


Time Tracking

Tracking of time spent also becomes much easier; Since all the tasks are already associated with the client or project folder.  It is a simple query to see how much time was spent on client X or by User Y, or on Project Z or any other combination of criteria. No more hated Friday afternoon time sheets!



A part of a shared calendar highlighting appointments and events

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