“It’s simple really. With Streamline I can track and control anything. One system that can manage everything in my business.” John Loesch, Bocal Africa

What needs to be done - Tasking
  • Allocation and feedback on tasks
  • Quality control and accountability
  • Results-driven

With Streamline you are able to allocate work, set deadlines and enforce feedback on all activities in your business. Streamline tracks the progress of tasks and users are notified of new tasks, progress or completion as they happen.

Streamline does not just record the task and presume the person receiving it has done the job. With Streamline you will be able to compare what has been done with the desired result, and, if you need to modify it, to do so immediately. Streamline also allows the person giving them the task to be provided with constant communication as to the progress or any set backs on the activity.  See Why Streamline for more information on the benefits our product can offer.

By implementing Streamline, you are assured that your people get things done on time, balls are not dropped and you will have built in quality control in your business.


The audit trail of a typical task
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