“A huge benefit of Streamline is the fact that my staff are more productive which means they can spend more time on activities that add value to our clients.” - Janine Lloyd, CEO Livewired Communications

One Year On from Launch. Great Things Happening!

How Quickly a Year Flies!

It has already been a year since SL4 launched. and what a year it has been! Streamline 4 has been a smash hit and has been installed at many clients, including a number of brokerages (short term and investment), accounting companies, agencies, and even a call center and a radio station (Northwest FM) ! All these companies have one thing in common - they want to keep track of their clients and their requirements, and make sure the needs of their clients are met.

Streamline was recently installed at System 5, a Johannesburg based IT company that provides 'effective products and services to small and medium enterprises in South Africa, through innovative and personalized IT solutions'. This is what Gregory Botha, their MD had to say:

"Hi Pieter,

I thought I would drop you an email and say “Well Done” on SL4. It is a revelation and a huge improvement on SL3 and a pleasure to use .

It should surely be the market leader in tasking and collaboration by now."

Thanks Greg!


Whats New?

We spent quite a bit of time last year on getting interaction between tasks and data right. The results exceeded our wildest expectations. We can now design custom 'datasets' that manage and track complex information and tasks. This makes it possible to quickly customise Streamline for any business' needs. We are in the process of building standard libraries for various industries. (Insurance brokerages, for instance, need to track Leads, Policy Modifications and Claims - and all the attendant paperwork. Done)

Whats Next?

Exciting possibilities have opened up. We installed Streamline at a large Short Term Insurance Brokerage last year called Smit Garrun, part of the Garrun Group. They also had a need to record voice conversations they have with their clients - and have these voice clips available to staff for reference purposes from within Streamline. We collaborated with their telephony vendors. The results are going in as we speak!