“With Streamline I am able to assess who is doing what, by when and how they are doing it. I am able to monitor staff performance and assess bottlenecks, which is critical to our philosophy of being a proactive business. This gives me peace of mind in knowing that our clients are being serviced without having to resort to constant micro management.”

Web based vs. On-site

Clients can choose to have the server on-site or a hosted, web-based solution.  The solutions have different costs and benefits inherent to their design.  The web-based option provides accessibility from anywhere through multiple devices allowing sales persons, managers and other staff who are not necessarily office-bound to be able to access client-information, update tasks, insert new tasks and generally work from anywhere, anytime.  The web-based solution can be hosted by Streamline on your behalf therefore requiring no hardware purchase and maintenance.

For larger organisations, the on-site solution would be installed on your own hardware and can be managed internally through your own technical support team.  Thus, Streamline can utilise existing structures eg. fax and sms gateways, backup solutions, etc. to integrate seamlessly into your current infrastructure.  Where the current infrastructure does not exist, this can be added and provide you with the tools to efficiently and effectively utilise Streamline to its fullest potential.

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