“It’s simple really. With Streamline I can track and control anything. One system that can manage everything in my business.” John Loesch, Bocal Africa

Task Management

Simplify task management and tracking. Never drop the ball, or allow your team to drop the ball. See your business productivity skyrocket!

Build a central web- based database of all your customers, supplier, leads, their needs, and what your team is doing about it. Never disappoint the customer.

Standardise processes & project management. Co-ordinate multiple resources and complex work flows which requires the collaboration of many remote people or departments.

Track, deliver and archive all documents – quotes, images, faxes, emails, scans and any other electronic files - that flow through the organisation.


Work from anywhere. Access your virtual office via Streamline over the web, from your phone, PDA, PC, laptop or Internet café.

Communicate efficiently inside and outside the organisation. No duplication, misunderstanding or forgetting.

With diary and calendar management you can schedule events and appointments with people and stay on schedule with event reminders via email and SMS notifications.

Query the system and build reports easily. View what has actually been done, when, by whom, how long it took and what still needs to be done!